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FD Log Homes and Real Log Homes® stands as an unwavering symbol of artistry, craftsmanship, and a shared passion for creating log homes that transcend the ordinary.

We are your premier destination for exceptional log cabin living. As an independent representative for Real Log Homes®, we are dedicated to delivering log homes of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. With a passion for creating timeless elegance and a commitment to personalized service, we are here to bring your log home dreams to life.


Crafting log homes that reflect your unique vision and lifestyle aspirations.


Delivering log homes of exceptional craftsmanship and enduring quality.


Collaborating with builders and homeowners to create log homes that surpass expectations.

Crafting Log Homes, Building Family Traditions

Step into the captivating story of FD Log Homes—a journey inspired by the belief that each unique log home holds the power to transform spaces, create treasured moments, and build lasting family traditions.

At FD Log Homes, we have a deep appreciation for the allure and warmth of log cabin homes. Our journey began with a desire to share this passion and help others experience the magic of log cabin living. As an independent representative for Real Log Homes®, a renowned manufacturer in the industry, we have access to their exceptional log home building packages, allowing us to offer you the very best in log home construction.

Our passion for building unique log homes is deeply rooted in the belief that homes are not just structures; they are havens that shape and reflect our lives. We understand the profound impact that a well-crafted log home can have on the lives of those who dwell within its walls. The warmth, authenticity, and connection to nature that log homes provide create an environment that fosters cherished memories, peaceful retreats, and a sense of belonging. It is our unwavering dedication to crafting log homes that capture the essence of these experiences and bring joy to the lives of our clients. We believe that every log home we create has the power to enrich lives and create a lasting legacy for generations to come.

We also proudly offer kitchen, bathroom, and closet design and renovation through our sister company FD Kitchen & Bath.

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